Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Faces of the Far Left

... a picture is worth a thousand words.



Well, that was fast. 'Good to see that "the Revolution" is still a hard sell in the U.S., even in the post-Obama era.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Antifa...It's the Real Thing

Political developments of late are occurring at a pace that makes it difficult for anyone to truly know "what's going on."

I, like many, have noted the style and tactics of anti-Trump "protestors" over the last year. Aside from the mayhem, shouting, and occasional damage and fires, I figured it was just the usual band of random protestors. Not particularly organized or cohesive and not really holding a philosophy.

As the disparate "movements" began to gel into a predictable stance of "anti-racism, and "anti-fascism" they began to look less like contemporary leftist rabble and more like the movements we've seen in history. The group "international A.N.S.W.E.R" (a bonafide Stalinist organization sympathetic to North Korea and the Chinese Communist party) was always looming about with their pre-printed signs during any event that promised conflict.

Using a fairly solid social(ist) infrastructure of "community organizers" like Obama's radical agitators, "Acorn," along with partisan leftist student groups, and groups like A.N.S.W.E.R, the "resistance" (to Trump) grew ever more recognizable as a well organized mob with a mission. With evermore common flag-burning and Jacobin screaming about "racism" in every corner, Antifa is being revealed to be more than a mere opposition to Donald Trump. It's now becoming all too common to hear from them the usual cliche's of radical communist agitators through history, the calls for elimination of private property and the destruction and elimination of all aspects of contemporary democratic culture. God knows, if clowns like this were to ever a actually gain power, they'd be dusting off the French Revolutions calendar as well (names like "August" and "September" are oppressive).

Purges, prison camps, and killing fields are not all that uncommon to modern history. Actually they're the typical result of movements like Antifa when such movements are successful in gaining power or when "good people do nothing." All that's missing thus far is a charismatic figurehead to rally all those members of disaffected groups who really don't like America so much to begin with.

Anyone with any insight into archetypal symbolism -- or common sense -- can see that a masked group commonly dressed in black is probably not offering the best path forward for the average citizen and their families.

From the beginning of the recent crescendo of political turmoil (when was the actual beginning?) these guys looked bad but, mixed in with a few naive fellow travelers (not clad in black) they looked like some young and stupid coffee shop vagrants. Not the case now.

I believe these evil clowns are a genuine nascent authoritarian communist insurgency -- with all the trimmings. Under Obama, they no doubt would have had the blessings of the Oval Office while the "Justice" department looked the other way. Fortunately, the Justice department under the current attorney general, Jeff Sessions, is probably already monitoring these dangerous idiots. It's no secret now that they are getting substantial funding and are conducting training in revolutionary warfare throughout the country. It all sounds dramatic but this is the way it's playing out. Add the establishment institutions opposed to America as we know it (which, of course, includes the establishment media), and an organized insurgency can do some damage.

I'm not one to usually sign petitions but the following looks legitimate and I definitely support the cause

An emerging factor that favors a free society is the fact that the far left, including Antifa, have acted too quickly and are increasingly less prone to hiding their true game plan. More people are becoming "red-pilled" and can see the obvious. This isn't about support vs. opposition to racism or noble attempts to create a more inclusive society, it's about the desire among a small segment of the population to destroy all that is good so that it can be replaced by...all that is bad.

I'm hoping that this guy exemplifies an ever increasing number of people who realize that a world swayed to the dictates of leftism would not be a pretty place.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Virtue Signaling Gone Mad

Okay, we get it. Racism is bad. Racists are bad. In spite of what the media, academia, and social justice warriors tell us, most Americans are decidedly not racist and the numbers that are, are notably less so than many other countries.

"Condemn" racism -- and while you're at it, maybe thieves, rapists, and spiders. Prove you're one of the good guys. We get it. Most of Hollywood, establishment media, corporate America, and entertainment are virtuous. A few hundred other people, for whatever reason, are hate-filled, insecure, mean-spirited RACISTS.

In this whole overblown B.S. About Trump's choice of words is the implicit underlying issue; no one is supposed to question the motives or actions of Antifa (largely violent communist / anarchist groups), Black Lives Matter (a group that has now slid off into cliche boiler plate radical leftism), and other groups "on all sides" whose shit stinks every bit as much as the racist neo Nazi wannabes.

It should be noted that the Nazi groups now rallying their pathetic mob are, like the originals they seek to copy, hard core statists who believe in a powerful coercive central government -- they are not conservative, as much as Democrats and their spokespersons in the media seek to paint them as such.

Now, can we hear Obama, Hillary, and other statists "renounce" Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Write, Saul Alinsky, Castro, Chavez, and the terrorist murderers that Clinton and Obama pardoned?

Thursday, August 17, 2017


High Drama and Bullshit in Weimar

Anyone familiar with the game plans of Cultural Marxists, Post-modernists, and angry vagabonds knows that current events are unfolding beyond what they could have possibly hoped for -- an entire generation of clueless ill-informed lemmings openly bringing upon themselves the most dystopian of political nightmares.


We get it. Racism is bad. Racists are bad. How much of America's population is actually rooting for frustrated redneck Nazi wannabes? Not many. On the other hand, there is now a sizable number of largely unemployable public school "educated" drones ready to man the barricades in the struggle against fascism, real and imagined (I'd say, mostly imagined).

Enter, for the millionth time this year, Donald Trump -- also known as, The President of the United States. If this was a saner time, a few pundits from leftland would have whined, during one day of news, "he should have been more specific and concentrated on those white supremacists among the agitators." The following day we'd be back to wondering where the economy was going or if the international scene warranted concern.

This is not a "saner" time. It doesn't matter what Donald Trump said or didn't say, or when he said or didn't say it. The "Alt Left" (which is actually the same old stale left we've known since at least the French Revolution) has been ready to pounce for some time now. After decades of public school and university inculcation of relativism, grievance, and baseless angst, most major institutions that "inform," guide, and dictate the body politick have steered us onto the path that all dead nations eventually find themselves on.

Donald Trump has been a major public figure for decades and I know of no instance where anyone even suggested any "racism" in his character. Now all of a sudden anything he might say reveals the horrors of "white privilege" and a heart full of micro-aggressions. Of course, anyone not ordained to be amongst the noble "oppressed" is now fair game for such nonsense but Trump adds the extra troublesome feature of threatening to whittle away the mega-state and all its promise to finally rein in the lowly plebeians who have failed to give homage to the philosopher kings currently circling overhead.

Trump is not the most skilled or polished messenger but, in the end, what he usually says, though sometimes exaggerated, is pretty spot on. In Charlottesville, the usual band of "antifa" /anarchist thugs came with every bit of trouble-making energy as the neanderthal racists they claimed they were there to peacefully "resist." There were despicable forces "on all sides" (along with the usual fairly innocent followers no doubt).There is absolutely nothing careless or inaccurate about Trump's statement. More than a few insightful sources have made the analogy to Weimar Germany. We know that the militarists and Nazis in the streets of Germany at the time were some horrible people who would definitely make a -- beyond terrible -- difference in the end. If only the communist agitators in the streets at the time had ascended to power, we could then have rested comfortably knowing a new branch office for that strain of compulsory collectivism would set thing right (sarcasm intended).

And, so it is today. Clueless brigades wait to eventually choose who will drag them into the mud of chaos and demise while power hungry monsters "on both sides" set the stage for another dark chapter in human history. We know where Weimar Germany led Germany to. Where will Charlottesville take us?

Monday, August 14, 2017


Nazis, Commies, and Racists..."Oh My!"

I think he covers it best.


"One Man's Terrorist is Another Man's Freedom Fighter"

(After a white supremicist commited an act of terror) Is anyone going to say the pathetically stupid, "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter?" Will there be media investigations into this guy's past to find out the "root causes" of his behavior or prod us to see what it would be like to "walk in his shoes?" Maybe a Rolling Stone cover photo of the Nazi terrorist with tosseled hair and doe eyes?

After years of having to use an abortion clinic murder from years ago as an example of the horrors of anyone right of Stalin, the left now has an event they can really milk for "the cause."

An evil Nazi authoritarian (collectivist) white supremicist critically injures several and murders one, so we all better now shut up about low taxes and limited government.

Evil is evil and stupid is stupid -- and yes, "on all sides."

Saturday, August 12, 2017


The First Words are the Most Honest

Well, that did't take long.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017


Defending the Cause of Liberty

You read it here first...probably not. I'm sure there are others who can see the course of events in the crazy world we live in, where the left is kicking and screaming over the Trump stumbling block to their full grip on power.

I predict -- I know this isn't that dramatic of a forcast -- that shortly after war breaks out with North Korea, all the "progressives" in Europe, the American media and leftist industrial complex, and many of our own political "leaders" will blame Trump for events as they transpire. I personally think the far leftists of the North Korean police state should have been shut down long ago. Easier said than done but, it's a pretty constant horror of history that not dealing with dictatorships in their infancy virtually guarentees a more serious set of events and massively larger loss of life later.

No matter, surely anyone with a brain who sides with free and open society can see pretty clearly who the bad guy is here (oh, I forgot, in post-modern leftland, there is no bad guy...except us).

I think war with North Korea is virtually inevitable. I hope I'm imagining things and that the glass is really half full. Regardless how things play out, the left in America will literally take North Korea's side. Of course they'll do this in a round about way, "I'm not saying that North Korea is right BUT, BUT, BUT...."

Cliff's law (my name is Cliff): if a conflict exists between a free open society with a high degree of personal freedom and a leftist authoritarian entity, the left will almost always side with or show sympathy to the the leftist authoritarian institution.

The real nonsense has only begun.

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